Oxnard’s Chinese Community

A Time Line - by Linda Bentz


  • Albert Maulhardt and Ed Borchard approach the Oxnard Bros. to build a beet sugar factory in Oxnard.  The Oxnard brothers already had factories in Colorado, Nebraska, and Chino California.  The Oxnard Bros. agreed to build a factory.



  • Construction of the American Beet Sugar Factory begins.



  • American Beet Sugar Factory completed.



  • Sanborn Fire Insurance map lists approximately 10 buildings as “Chinese Quarters” located on  Saviers Road (currently Oxnard Blvd) between 5th and 6th Streets on
  • Census enumerations state that 253 Chinese settlers live in the area that includes Hueneme, El Rio, etc.



  • An early deed was granted to Lim Lung in Oxnard for all of lot 18 in block U (currently Oxnard Blvd. between 7th and 8th Streets). 



  • Oxnard incorporated on June 30, 1903.



  • The Chinese quarter is called China Alley.  This area was also called the Red Light District. 
  • Sheriffs raid China Alley and arrest gamblers.



  • Census enumerations state that 125 Chinese settlers live in Oxnard.



  • Erle Stanley Gardner, author of Perry Mason series, practices law in Oxnard and defends members of the Chinese community. 



  • The Chinese Fire Brigade is in place.  The date it was established is currently unknown.
  • China Alley consists of two restaurants, a saloon, a barber shop, a pool room,

and a few grocery stores. 

  • Bing Kong Tong, a Chinese Association Hall, was in place in the community.  The date of its inception is currently unknown.  This association is currently in operation in Oxnard.



  • Census enumerations state that 87 Chinese settlers live in Oxnard.



  • William Soo Hoo, future mayor of Oxnard is born.  He is one of the first males of Chinese decent born in Oxnard.



  • 60 Chinese settlers live in Oxnard according to prominent resident Hall Soo Hoo.



  • The Golden Chicken Inn opens on the corner of Oxnard Blvd. ad 7th Street.  Hall Soo Hoo is one of the partners in the establishment.  This restaurant is currently in business and is one of the last remaining Chinese structures in the former Chinese community. 
  • One of the last fires fought by the Chinese Fire Brigade at Roosevelt School.



  • Fewer than 30 Chinese settlers remain in Oxnard.


·        Chinese houses demolished to make room for low-income housing. 


  • William Soo Hoo becomes mayor of Oxnard.  He is the first mayor of Chinese decent in California. 



  • The Ventura County Chinese American Association is formed.  This Club is a cultural association that bridges old and new generations of Asian Americans and helps to maintain traditions.



  • The Ventura County Chinese American Historical Society is formed, under the auspices of the Ventura County Chinese Association, to research, document and honor Chinese American settlers in Ventura County.



  • The Chinese community in Oxnard continues to grow and flourish.