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Sample and production quantities are now available for the following devices:-

Transistors New Product LDMOS High Power High Efficiciency Transistors
Part No Pout W Freq Mhz Gain dB theta jc gm mho Idsat  A Ciss pf Crss pf Coss pf Die Style Pkg
LB2401 100 1000 16 0.48 7 24 110 1.8 40 1
LR2401 175 500 16 0.48 7 24 110 1.8 40 1
LR2541 200 500 16 0.40


27 122 2.0 45 1


Part Number Frequency Min. Gain Power Output Pack-age App Note VDD
MLCQ04 20-512 Mhz 40 dB 40W Case S   28V
30-512 Mhz 17 dB 150W Case S   28V
MSMV01 225-1000 Mhz 16 dB 100W Case S   28V
MSMV02 225-1000 Mhz 14 dB 130W Case S   28V

Application Notes

Demo Amp Frequency Min. Gain Power Output Package VDD Description
PCHA120B 30-512 Mhz 18 dB 150W Pallet 28V  
TB229 100-1000 Mhz 14 dB 80W Pallet 28V  
TB249 30-512 Mhz 17 dB 150W Pallet 28V Rugged, broadband Ldmos
TB253 1300 Mhz 14 dB 200W Pallet 28V HIgh power, high freq Ldmos
TB255 30-512 Mhz 19 dB 100W Pallet 28V High power, simple, GaN Amp


Please call your local Representative or the factory for additional information.

We manufacture our products in a World Class Wafer Facility. Advanced techniques of dry etching and mask steppers are used to improve uniformity of the transistor from production batch to production batch. Sub-micron process technology is used to achieve high performance. The transistors are manufactured by ion implant diffusion techniques.

Polyfet continues to make product improvements in both her Vdmos, Ldmos and GaN transistor lines. The higher input impedance of the Vdmos makes input matching simpler, especially for broadband frequencies. The lower gain of the Vdmos facilitates simpler stabilizing circuitry at lower frequencies. The low parasitic capacitances of the Ldmos makes it suitable for high frequency operations at high efficiencies. GaN affords very high input and output impedances, faciliting extrememly simple matching networks for broadband. GaN transistors have high RF power out to output capactianceratio; thus very high efficiencies can be acheived.

Important Notice
We have renamed our Ldmos transistors with a New Product Numbering System. You can look up a cross reference and learn about this improved product I.D. system.