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Product Numbers

Gallium Nitride - GAN 28V
G21001 G22001 GP1001 GP2001 GX2001  GX4001  GX4002

Gallium Nitride - GAN 48V
G21441 GP1441 GP2441  GX2441 GX3441 GX4441 GX3442 GX4442      

VDMOS S Series 28V
S8201 S8202 SA201 SC201 SK202 SK204 SP201 SP202 SP203 SP204  
SQ201 SQ202 SA701 SA702 SC701 SD702 SD703 SE701 SH702 SH703
SJ701 SK701 SK702 SK703 SM401 SM703 SM704 SM705 SM706 SP701  
SP702 SQ701 SR401 SR703 SR704 SR704U SR705 SR706 ST704 SV401 SX501

VDMOS S Series 12.5V
S8221 S8222 SC221  SC222 SP221 SQ221  SC721 SD723  SK722 SK723
SM724  SP721 SP722  SQ721  SR726 ST724  

VDMOS S Series 50V
SA741 SM746 SP741 SQ741 SQ742 SR746 ST744

LDMOS 28V Series
L2601 L2701 L2711 L2801 L8701P L8701PR L8801P L8801PR L88016  
LA2541 LB2301 LB2401 LB401 LB501A LB603 LB803 LC401 LC801  
LK2201 LK602 LK701 LK702 LK802 LP601 LP701 LP702 LP801  
LP802 LQ2001 LQ601 LQ801 LR2301 LR2401 LR2501 LR2541 LR301  
LR401 LR501A LR604 LR804 LS2541 LS2641  LX2401 LX401 LX521  
LX703 LX802 LX803 LZ402            

LDMOS 50V Series
LR941 LY942        

LDMOS 12.5V Series
L2721 L2821 L8721P L8721PR L8821P


LB421 LC421 LC821
LK721 LK722 LK822 LP721 LP722 LP821 LQ821 LX521   LX723  

LDMOS 7.5V Series
L2711 L8711P L8711PR          

VDMOS F1 Vertical DMOS Transistor

These devices are not recommended for new designs - information is for reference only.

 VDMOS  F Series
 F1001    F1001C   F1002    F1003    F1004    F1005    F1006    F1007    F1008    F1012  
 F1014    F1015    F1016    F1018    F1019    F1020    F1021    F1022    F1027    F1034   
 F1040    F1058    F1060    F1063    F1065    F1066    F1069    F1070    F1072    F1074 
 F1076    F1077    F1081    F1107    F1108    F1116    F1120    F1070    F1174    F1206
 F1207    F1208    F1209    F1210    F1214    F1220    F1221    F1222    F1240    F1260        
 F1280    F1401    F1410    F1415    F1427    F1430    F1510    F1516    F1520    F1535    
 F2001    F2002    F2003    F2004    F2012    F2013    F2021    F2041    F2046    F2047   
 F2048    F2049    F2201    F2202    F2211    F2212  F2213    F2246    F2247    F2248   
 F3002    F5001        
 P121     P122     P123      P124     P281     P282 
PRF134 PRF136 PRF137

S Series LB501 LR501 X501 LY502

L Series
LK141 LK142 LX141

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